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It has been proposed to incorporate an IOPS-Wiki as a method for collective content creation. This Wikispace wiki is here to develop that idea as a stepping stone to an IOPS hosted wiki. Here are some some starters for exploration. Feel free to edit and add.

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A few concrete examples to inspire development of IOPS; to show folks, unofficially, how some of us envision IOPS working in the future, to flesh out the vision with some specifics for the purposes of explanation, etc.. The reason this wiki page is separate from IOPS proper is that this level of concreteness is not to be taken as limiting what IOPS proper can become in other concrete ways, as it evolves from local stimulus to suit local conditions.

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Post direct questions here, if you like, as a holding place to be discussed or answered.
  • How do I become a member of this Wiki?
    Answer: You are viewing http://iops-examples.wikispaces.com and there is an option to join wikispace in the upper right and an option to join this wiki at the very top. You must first join wikispace and then request membership to the wiki using these join options. As long as you are a member of IOPS, an organizer will approve your membership.

  • What is an Organizer?
    An Organizer is basically an Admin by Wikispace terminology, having a few special privileges on the web end. In certain Wikispace wikis an Organizer may be a project leader but that does not directly apply to IOPS. One inclined to organize is not necessarily the same person that's inclined to web administration. Roles within a participatory-based project are determined by participation. You can create your own wikispace to play with options to understand the difference between member and organizer. And if you want to become an organizer, just send a message to one of the current organizers.

  • Post a question concerning orientation here so we can make this wiki accessible by answering. hit return to make a new bullet for the next question (and save)...