IOPS is a new international organisation which would like you to join.

We are in a creation stage and so would like as many people as possible to join us in imagining a new world and contribute to making it happen.

We know you have heard about lots of groups which claim to be anti capitalist, anti racist, anti sexist, and anti authoritarian but we are more than that. We dont just want to fight against the way things are now but to create a world which we like. We want to be part of a society which respects us, our children, our grandparents, and the environment.

We believe that another world really is possible, and we are serious about making it happen.

We dont just want token change, though we will happily accept that along the way. We believe that there are serious issues in international relations, in the way women, men and children are expected to relate, in politics, in the economy and the way that we interact with our beautiful planet. We also believe that not any one of these things are more or less important than any other one. Racism and Xenophobia wont go away until we learn to treat our elders,children and partners right. We wont learn how to respect the planet without learning to treat all workers with dignity. We wont have harmonious interesting communities and cultures unless the economy is adjusted and politics become more than a game of the rich.

We know it wont happen overnight and we know it wont be easy. We also know that there is nothing else we would rather dedicate ourselves to. That is why we are asking you to join us - because we don't believe we can make the world we all want unless everyone takes part.

It is very exciting and we would love to talk to you about how you can be involved. We are especially excited to meet with people who want to work towards changing their communities and challenging themselves to grow with us. We are all learning how to live in this world, but how much better would it be to do that as society which is united instead of so horribly broken.

Please feel free to visit our website at or come to one of our meetings.

We believe everyone's voice needs to be heard and we hope we will hear yours soon!'