Hi. Kuan here. This is a concise version of what is written under the Vision and Structure and Program tabs on the website. I wrote this before IOPS got started. It 90% sticks to the beliefs expressed in those documents, but I may have thrown in a few of my own beliefs along the way! The problem it intends to rectify is that I find those documents long-winded. I don't think there's anything major in those documents that you won't find below (my document is a 1/4 of the size of the existing version)

Our Group
- We should be the seed of a new society, meaning that all beliefs here apply within the group as well as without.
- The group should campaign for the immediate and long term benefit of worse-off people in the spheres of economics/class, politics, culture/race, kinship/gender, ecology, and international relations without privileging any one of these spheres above the rest.
- The group should always have a membership that reflects the gender, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation of the wider community and prioritises the correction of this when it fails to be the case.
- Our core ethic is to promote self management, equity, solidarity and liberty.
- Hierarchies of power should be rejected, whether maintained by formal or informal structures, including through secrecy or by empowering knowledge being made difficult to obtain.
- Deliberation will improve the choices that people make.
- Individuals and groups have the right to free speech and dissent.
- Violence is very rarely justified.
- Parecon, characterised by the institutions of balanced job complexes, remuneration for effort, worker councils and participatory planning, represents an inspiring economic vision.
- All people, including children, have the right to goods and services essential for their health and well-being, e.g. food, basic goods, accommodation, safety, privacy, healthcare, the warmth of human company and intellectual stimulation.
Kinship and Culture
- Care giving should be part of every citizen’s social responsibility and those who give care should be highly valued and offered generous compensation.
- It is wrong to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race, cultural background, relationship status or age.
- It is the job of everyone to ensure that all, from their childhood onward have a supportive space in which to express, explore and evolve their identities in these areas.
Ecology and International
- The sustainability of the human race should be made a major priority, which means radical changes in our lifestyle and relations with foreign countries.
- The wellbeing of non-human animals should be given much greater consideration by humans than it currently does.
- All these beliefs apply internationally and across cultural divides.